The primary reason a business needs an attractive logo design is for people to get to know your company through a visual image. Make sure the logo is unique or it will go unnoticed and adversely affect your image. The logo should go well with your industry. If you belong to a conventional industry, make sure that your logo is conventional and if you are from a contemporary field, use an image which represents you in modern designs. For a conservative image, navy, maroon, and dark teal are good colors. For a modern look you can experiment with various bright and bold colors.

Logo Design by Creative Images


The Logo

A successful logo portrays the image and communicates the essence of the business.

Symbols, initials, shapes, images and combinations of these make up a logo. Even a font can portray a logo, although colours, shapes and angles are remembered over longer periods than words.

An attractive logo will grab attention, but even a simple logo can still make a statement. Some examples of simple logos are Nike, Hewlett Packard, Canon, Coca Cola, Jeep.

The job of the Designer

The logo designer has to be familiar with your type of business to create an appropriate logo. A good designer will clearly express the purpose of your business helping your customers identify your brand. Our job is to compress your business image so that it conveys your business message and to create a logo that is successful in appealing to the psychology of the consumer and will be well received in the market.

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